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If you can’t drive that special someone yourself, you can trust Chisholm Trail Transportation. Chisholm Trail Transportation is bringing back promptness, a friendly smile and common courtesy into non-emergency medical transportation. We want your ride with us to be safe, comfortable and enjoyable.

Chisholm Trail Transportation will send a professionally dressed driver to pick you up at your door and escort you into the appointment location. Chisholm Trail Transportation drivers are trained for promptness and exceptional customer service to escort passengers to their destination with care and attention for all non-emergency emergency transportation.

Chisholm Trail Transportation Services

We provide wheelchair and ambulatory transportation to fit all your needs. Click here to schedule your ride today.

  • Doctor appointments (our speciality)
  • Outpatient procedures (Colonoscopy, Eye Procedures, Plastic Surgery)
  • Appointments where you might not feel like driving
  • Special events, weddings, family reunions (some vans can handle multiple wheelchair and ambulatory passengers)
  • Long Distance trips, one way, round trip
  • We try to accommodate any requests so please feel to call and discuss your needs

Get Me To The Doctor

20518_342121979321926_7457096738357432733_n is a service offered by Chisholm Trail Transportation that caters to patients that can walk with or without assistance.

We offer flat rate round trips for most of Fort Worth and surrounding cities and these include our door thru door Texas Style service. Worry free, timely and professional service are provided with Get Me To To The Doctor.

If you can’t drive them yourself, call Chisholm Trail Transportation. Please note if you wish to call about an ambulatory trip the Get Me To The Doctor phone number is 817-897-7433. Click here to schedule your ride today.

Chisholm Trail Transportation, LLC. specializes in getting people to medical appointments. We operate mainly in Tarrant county but do long distance trips orginating from Tarrant and surrounding counties.

We welcome same day appointments and for best results please call our dispatch line at 817-897-7433
We are a private company and we do not bill insurance for our services, including medicaid and medicare.
We operate 24/ 7 and our normal office hours are from 7am to 5pm.

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